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четвртак, 24. мај 2012.

New Free Stock Footage Gallery. Motion backgrounds, food, people, concept, science, ecology.....
New show reel, go to youtube.....

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People who buy our footage, and all visitors of Art motion gallery website, are our friends. As our friends, we want to reward your with a collection of free video clips. Quantity of free footage will constantly increase. There you will find various genres: lifestyles, science, concept, food, backgrounds, animations, art ... and some works from field of social responsibility. We suggest to use our referent links. Remember, NO registration, NO fees, absolutely FREE clips.
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уторак, 22. мај 2012.

Custom Video Project:

"Artist Makes Your Company Logo"

Special Offer !!! Stand out from the crowd with artistic visual identity. Be equal to the world's largest companies. Send us a picture of your logo, and we will make time lapse video where the artist draws your logo or slogan with a paintbrush, in one continuous shot. (This is not an animation). Visit

среда, 16. мај 2012.

For our friends, all visitors of our website we prepared new gallery  
of absolutely FREE VIDEO CLIPS.  

Visit, view, download, and use freely.

 and many more....

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Buy royalty-free stock footage online. 

Save your time. 
Enhance your projects with High Definition clips. 
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Go and download free stock footage. New video clips available.
Our clip collection will grown over time.